Jurisdiction of the Embassy

Residents of the following Countries are provided with consular services at the Embassy of Pakistan Jakarta.

  1. Indonesia

  2. Timor Leste


a)  Attestation of a legal document

The following documents are to be provided for attestation purposes:

  • The applicant has to appear in person for the attestation of personal legal documents including the Power of Attorney, affidavits etc.

  • The applicant’s signature should be counter-signed by two witnesses in Indonesia.

  • Applicant should provide copies of the passport or I.D. Card of the two witnesses.

  • Original document along with its photocopy.

  • Photograph of the executant (to be affixed on the Power of Attorney for attestation)


b)  Attestation of a commercial document

  • For any kind of commercial document submitted by the Indonesia firms, it should be first attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia (KEMLU).



Attestation Fee Table




S.No                                    DETAIL OF DOCUMENT                               Fee in USD

  1.             Attestation of  the Execution of a Power of Attorney                  24

  2.            Attestation of Form-S (Birth Registration)                                  24

  3.           NOC For Renunciation of Nationality                                          24

  4.           NOC For Marriage                                                                      24

  5.           Issuance of Form-X (Renunciation of Nationality)                      24

  6.           Miscellaneous Certificate                                                            24

  7.           All other attestations including affidavits, foreign

                documents etc (unless otherwise specified by the Embassy)     12